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Knuckles Boom chapter 13 (Sonic Boom Fanfic)
The robots were just entering the main hall as Knuckles galloped down the Emerald chamber's stairs. Great--he'd have to fight his way out, and probably while carrying the girl.
She had to be there. The Master Emerald had given him the vision of the girl because it was keeping her alive. All this time, he'd been playing with the island's power source, never considering that life support needed power, too.
He crashed through the door into the Emerald chamber. No robots yet--only tranquil green light and polished, mirror-smooth floor. The Master Emerald sat atop the altar, and for a moment Knuckles stared at it. What would Eggman do with it?
Then he shook himself. They'd come back. Sticks said they would. Right now he had to find the girl.
He circled the altar, tapping it with his claws. The schematics showed it opened up. But where were the doors? In the back?
Doubt gnawed at him as he stared at the altar's stone back. What if he opened it and found only old machinery? What if his guess
:iconnetraptor:NetRaptor 7 9
Knuckles Boom chapter 12 (Sonic Boom Fanfic)
The next day, Tails continued his repair work, Amy and Sticks began cleaning the bunker and galley, Sonic went out to explore the outside of the island, and Knuckles and Metal Sonic took the shark to Bygone Island.
They docked the shark near the island's southern cliffs, in a quiet bay. Knuckles climbed the cliffs, Metal simply flew up, and they hiked in to the island's interior.
The rain of the past two days left the air warm and humid, with moisture dripping from every leaf. Puddles gleamed like mirrors in every depression, and the numerous streams ran full and loud. Birds sang high overhead, and insects chirped in the undergrowth.
"What's your theory on this girl, Metal?" Knuckles asked, after they had hiked a while in silence.
The robot's almost-voice replied in his head, "She is more recent than the computer records, as Amy said."
"So where's she come from?"
"I have no data. Conjecture. There are other entrances to the island's interior than we have discovered."
Knuckles nodded, w
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For anybody interested, I've started posting The Master Emerald's Daughter here:…
Don't leave me again
This is the opening scene from my second Sonic Boom story, tentatively called The Master Emerald's Daughter. (Now available here:… ) In this universe, Shadow and Maria's roles are reversed--she is the Ultimate Lifeform and he is her guardian. She's just been released from stasis after fifty years.

Shadow pushed open the hospital doors and walked inside. Outwardly he was his calm, tough self--a sleek black hedgehog with red stripes on his spines, arms and legs. Gold bracelets ringed his ankles and wrists. His shoes were red and white hover skates. He wore a leather belt around his waist with several pouches on it.
Inwardly, he was a trembling mess of terror and joy. Maria was here, in this hospital. Maria, his beloved sister, who had been lost to him for decades.
He approached the front desk, treading softly on the polished floor, as if afraid of leaving tracks. "I've come to see Maria."
The receptionist was a red squirrel who looked him over carefully. "She's available for visitors. However, threats have been made against her. You're not working for Eggman, are you?"
Shadow stood rigid, muscles tense. Threats? Eggman?
He forced a smile. "I'm here to deal with those threats. And no, I have nothing to do with Eggman."
"Second floor, room 212," the receptionist said. "You're Shadow, aren't you?"
He nodded.
"She's been asking for you."
The black hedgehog strode toward the elevators, keeping his stride measured, confident, in control. Inwardly, he wanted to run and scream her name, kick down every door that separated them.
The elevator took an eternity to travel one floor. Shadow's soul stretched like a rubber band, tighter and thinner every second, in danger of breaking. The doors slowly slid open. He stepped out and made his way down the hall toward room 212. Walking. Projecting confidence. Head high, eyes forward.
The door was closed, the final barrier. He grasped the handle. If it had been locked, he probably would have ripped it off its hinges. But it turned easily, allowing him entrance.
The room was dim. A single lamp burned low on a bedside table. Maria, a human, lay in the bed, propped up on pillows, eyes closed, hands resting on top of the blankets.
Shadow's heart swelled until it threatened to choke him. She was really here. It wasn't a lie or a dream. After all those years of solitude, of piercing loneliness, of hearing her voice in his dreams - here she was. Alive. Breathing. Free of the stasis tube.
He crept to the bed, heart thundering, hardly daring to breathe. His eyes devoured her face. She was so thin, so much older than he had last seen her. Her wrists and hands were mere sketches of bone under skin. Her eyes were sunken beneath her brows, the cheekbones sharply defined. Yet a tinge of pink colored her cheeks. He touched her hand and it was warm. Health would return.
Shadow's fingers curled around her thin hand. She was really here. Really alive. He bent over her hand and kissed it, then pressed his cheek against it.
Maria's eyes opened. They were brilliant, vivid blue, bringing her wasted face to life. Power burned within them, and such violent, compressed, vivid life, it was as if she contained the entire jungle with its riot of plants and animals--growing, expanding, fighting for sunlight.
But the vivacity was tempered by love. As Shadow stared at her, he saw the tenderness in her face--the adoration he shared so deeply.
"Shadow," she said, smiling. "I knew you would come." She held out her arms.
He sat on the bed beside her and wrapped his arms around her, pressing his cheek to hers. She was real. Really here, not a dream. His heart hurt and hot tears stung his eyes. "Maria," he choked. "It's been so long."
One of her hands stroked the other side of his face, gentle and welcoming. "I've missed you so, dear one. The others couldn't tell me anything about you. Have you no friends?"
"No," he whispered, his voice barely working. "Don't ever, ever leave me again." The tears overflowed and cascaded down his face. The first he'd shed in fifty long years. Not since the day they had slid her into the tube, filled it with fluid, sent her to sleep in the hopes that it might cure her disease.
Maria wiped them away with a corner of the blanket. "Don't cry, Shadow." Some of his own pain resonated in her voice. "We're together again. Aren't you happy?"
He sat up, wiping his face, grinning like a fool. "Terribly." The pain inside him went on and on, threatening to become all-out bawling. Control it. Control yourself. He sat with his eyes shut for a moment, breathing deeply, mastering the wild emotions.
So ... have any fanfic writers ever combined the Floating Island with the Space Colony ARK?

Because if somebody's already done it, I want to know where they put the Eclipse Cannon.
So ... have any fanfic writers ever combined the Floating Island with the Space Colony ARK?

Because if somebody's already done it, I want to know where they put the Eclipse Cannon.


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A long-time art student, still avidly studying art in between raising a growing family. Art production is slower and less polished than it used to be, but that will change.


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Dragonnerd445 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017   General Artist
Hey NR, what happened to your old website? :( 
NetRaptor Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Student Digital Artist
It got hacked over and over, to the point where malware had been injected onto the server. My webhost wanted me to pay to get rid of it, so I just canceled the whole account. I still blog at, so I don't have to worry about my server getting hacked anymore.
Dragonnerd445 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017   General Artist
Oh dear. I tried going back there earlier. o_o I hope I didn't get a virus! 
RaeLogan Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, it's me again, another couple of questions. :P

1. Mecha's tail. How does that work now? Does it function the same as everyone else's by now, by which I mean, "Does it twitch and convey emotions now that he's getting more lax with everyone?"

I ask this because I was amused briefly by the idea that he's trying to stay stoic, and his tail just just twitches happily, and everyone just says nothing because they don't want to ruin it by drawing his attention to it. XD

2. I've done a few more fanarts in the past few months, I'm not sure if the tag showed up in your inbox (you probably get flooded with notifications from everyone, it probably just got lost in there), so here's a few links for you:… (In which Mecha and Aleda discuss Super Forms)… (ion which Mecha joins a competition against Sonic, and -technically- wins)… (in which I made this a crossover with a segment of "Steven Universe", because the referenced segment is beautiful and sounds like the kind of words Mecha needs to hear)

I hope I'm not making too much fanart, it's just that, after about a decade of following these fantastic stories, I finally feel confident enough to actually make fanart that looks decently drawn. ^^;
SonicDrawingFan1412 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, NetRaptor I had a quick question for you. You see, I write stories on Wattpad and I saw your Sunset Shadow image which is amazing and was wondering if I may use the image for a chapter photo? Oh course I would credit you but if you don't allow it it's cool. Thanks! ^^
NetRaptor Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Sure, go ahead! Just credit me in your notes. :-)
SonicDrawingFan1412 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright I will! Thank you so much! :)
RaeLogan Featured By Owner May 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, here I am again, with yet more questions... I hope I'm not bugging you with these... ^^;

Hopefully this is a much simpler set for me to ask. Again, about Mecha.

So, does he actually have a preference in terms of food? I know that he doesn't care much for sweet stuff, aside from prefering to mix honey and coffee for energy reasons, but is there a specific flavor or food he actually enjoys, enough so to probably classify as a favorite?

For that matter, what is his least favorite?

Because while thinking of this, I wondered if he ever just thought of bringing peanut butter along on those trips of his, because 1) it's neutral enough in taste to not be overpowering, 2) it's protein and therefore energy fuel and 3) if not for his benefit, perhaps Aleda's.

And on a small tangent, I wondered his opinion on sour things, like lemons. For some strange reason, all I could think of beyond that was someone, not sure who exactly, saying: "Mecha tried a lemon once. Once." and leaving it at that, and that's really funny to me for some reason.

And after your Winter's Day story, I can't help but wonder if, since the Chao can have little winter clothes and stuff, does that mean there's a shop that sells Chao clothes, or that shops can carry Chao clothes, or if Chao owners just make them themselves? Because if it's the latter, that's adorable and probably means Mecha made Aleda's, which is probably really easy for him, like can you imagine him knitting (what am I saying, you made him up, you can imagine whatever you please), just every stitch is perfect and the rows are so even or something, and ahhhh...

I ask these mainly because I got around to porting your stories in the whole NetRaptor Sonic-verse to an eBook format to a chip on my phone to better bookmark and read where I left off without the browser crashing, and that meant some refreshing on things to check how the conversion process went down (quite well, actually).

I probably don't have to say again how much I love your stories, so I'll just leave now with a wave and an awkward smile.
RaeLogan Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I'm back again with another question...

I've been curious for a while, but... Gee, how do I word this coherently..?

Um... Mecha and music. What's his opinion of it? Is there a possibility that certain tunes resonate well with him, or does he not really care much for it?

What would be his preferred genre, if any? I honestly keep entertaining the idea of the Mobius equivalent to 80s music (specifically those of the Journey, Genesis, and Pat Benatar variety), but I kinda always default to 80s music as a catch-all answer to anything anyway... ^^;

On the other hand, I also imagine, if one specific genre or track resonates emotionally with him (whether positive or not), he'd either avoid it altogether to avoid further confusing his constantly evolving... emotion thingies (I do not word well compared to my thoughts)...

Although, maybe he'd end up being a sort of music collector, like with vinyls or something, maybe CDs... Say that it's for Aleda's benefit, I dunno. Actually, that'd be really cute if, when they're totally alone, they just sing along together or something. Mecha's Alone-With-Aleda-Activities are always pretty cute. :3

Then again, I can only speculate; he's yours, after all, so nothing can really be confirmed unless you say so. XD
NetRaptor Featured By Owner May 6, 2016  Student Digital Artist
That's a very interesting question, and one I hadn't considered. There's not a lot of music in Mecha's environment ... although with his increased association with other people, that may change. Something to explore in future stories! I could see him reacting, at first, the way a person does who has been deaf and has had the surgery to restore hearing--a lot of discordant beats and sounds. But he'd slowly get used to it, and maybe come to enjoy various kinds. What do you think would be best for someone who has no experience with music? Classical?
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